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Feeling of satiety is the key factor in winter weight loss diet plan to lose and maintain the weight.

SATIETY is the state of being satisfied to the core.

As I have said before we should include more satiety giving foods in our diet to lose weight especially in winters so that we can cope up with the increased appetite and still manage to lose weight.

Some of the foods are :

1. POPCORN- Popcorn is high in dietary fiber, low in calories, low in fat, free of sugar and sodium but still manages to give you high satiety. So freshly homemade popcorn is a good snack in cold winter evenings to people with dietary restrictions. Moreover, the smell of popcorn has an unusual quality that tends to attract human beings.

  • Tip: Avoid readymade and flavored ones.

2. BOILED POTATOES- They are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and are full of antioxidants Boiled potatoes with skin may naturally boost serotonin and dopamine which can directly or indirectly help avoid temptations consequently one can stick to the diet plan. Baking and steaming of potatoes are also a good way to cook them.

  • Tip: Avoid frying the potatoes.

3. EGGS- Egg is one of the highest ranked foods in the satiety scale. Eggs are high in protein food and low in calories. It has been observed that after consuming eggs appetite hormones get suppressed and consequently reduce the need of intake of energy in subsequent meals. Moreover eggs are rich in tryptophan which help make melatonin and serotonin. By the way, serotonin is thought to help regulate appetite.

  • Tip: Use hard boiled eggs for the desired results.

4. DATES- Dates are a rich source of carbohydrates and soluble dietary fibers which makes them the perfect winter foods. Eating carbohydrate-rich food helps you feel full. Consuming dates will suppress sugar cravings and help you control your appetite throughout the day, Hence, reduce overall calories.

  • Tip: Since it is high in sugar, control the portion size.

5. HOT COCOA- To beat the winter blues there is nothing like hot cup of cocoa. Cocoa has been known to fight stress and improve one’s mood. This may directly impact your weight loss, especially around the waist as the level of stress may effect the fat around your belly.

  • Tip: Skip cream and caramel.

6. CHICKEN BROTH- In the chilly winters, nothing calms your mind and soul like chicken or bone broth. Chicken soup can curb your binge eating habit and cravings for junk because of soup’s high water content and relatively high volume. This activates the stomach’s stretch receptor which send message of satiety to your brain.

  • Tip: Remember to avoid corn flour.

Try to include these foods and beverages in winters to reach your weight loss goals in the winter season successfully.

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