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Winter season is here and once again it is going to challenge your weight loss goals because of significant increase in appetite. Actually, unexplained growth in appetite is our body’s defense mechanism to keep the body warm and maintain normal body temperature but besides this there are more reasons of gaining weight in winters.

Following are some reasons which need to take into consideration also.

  1. WATCH YOUR VITAMIN D- It is proved that your mood affects your diet and eating preferences. If you are depressed or feeling low you tend to eat more and junk. Usually with the onset of winter vitamin D decreases in the body which results in increased appetite, increased desire of sleep and cravings for simple carbohydrates which leads to weight gain. So no diet will work for weight loss, which means up your vitamin D and try to take some more sunshine.

  2. LESS WATER INTAKE- On the contrary, in summer we naturally drink more water to keep the body cool and hydrated as there is already so much heat outside, But in winter we forget to drink adequate amount of water. So when your body gives you a signal of thirst, you may mistakenly take it as a hunger pang. Consequently, we end up eating unnecessarily and tend to gain weight. So watch your water and liquid intake regularly.

  3. NO CARB OR LOW CARB DIET- Carbohydrate is the ultimate source of energy. If you follow a low carb or no carb diet plan in winter it will not work for you, as I said before, your body craves for more food in winter and carbohydrates give you more satisfaction. So, be moderate with carbohydrates and include more complex carbohydrates in your diet otherwise you may crave for more sweets and you will not be able to lose any weight.

  4. LOW SEROTONIN LEVEL- Serotonin is a chemical in the brain and found mostly in the digestive system and throughout the central nervous system. Serotonin levels effect your mood, your bowel movement, your sleep cycle, your appetite etc. Basically, if serotonin is not in balance it can effect your mental, physical and emotional well being and probably could fail your weight loss diet. Serotonin usually goes down when days are shorter and nights are longer i.e. winter! So you can increase this chemical by doing regular exercise and by following a right diet which includes milk and milk products, nuts and seeds, eggs, pineapple etc and not to forget carbohydrates. Yoga and meditation also helps if serotonin is low. Sometimes you might need to take the help of a doctor as well.

Basically, in winter it is difficult to follow a weight loss regime but with some awareness and some smart choices of food you can easily stick to the regime and get the desired results. In my next post I’ll mention some satiety giving foods ,some simple recipes and some minimalistic ingredients sweets of cold weather which you can include in your diet. HAPPY WINTERS TO YOU ,HAPPY BODY TO YOU !

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