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Any form of exercise can enhance the result of your weight loss regime. But sometimes even when you do everything right; You eat right, you count calories, you exercise hard and you increase the timings of exercise but still don’t lose weight instead you feel more starved or you feel exhausted and drained out.

So personally I feel Yoga is the real savior because yoga works on your internal body by fixing your internal problems and increase your metabolism hence as a side effect you see results physically. Moreover when you perform postures with the synchronized breath it can take you to the next level. Actually yoga works in different ways to bring about healthy weight.

Following are some of the the benefits of doing yoga which directly or indirectly help you lose more weight. 1.IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY - Yoga is known as an excellent way to stretch and enable flexibility. With the more flexibility you feel stronger, firmer and more confident. Moreover flexibility is the key to improve your back pain caused by tight hamstrings and overall body aching all these benefits are essential to lose more inches.

2.IMPROVES METABOLISM- Yoga enhances and supports the proper functioning of the body. Many postures or asanas directly stimulates the digestion and the activity of abdominal and the endocrine glands. Thus the body begins to produce more hormones that also help to lose more weight and improves your gut health. 3.REDUCE STRESS- It is observed that in the time of stress usually people make poor food choices or fall into a compulsive eating habits. But by practicing yoga and deep breathing body immediately reduces the stress level and calm your brain and relax your body as a result you can make right choice of food . 4.DETOXIFICATION- Yoga doesn’t directly help you to detox but the practice can help boost circulation and improve your lymphatic system i.e. your body can absorb nutrients better and use food for fuel more efficiently. Hence lose more weight. 5.YOGA ENCOURAGES MINDFUL EATING - Being connected with your mind and body means that you can tell when you are hungry or when you are just likely to be seeking comfort food. Hence, you are more aware when to stop eating. Surprisingly when you practice yoga your body will demand clean food as a result you lose more weight without the additional effort. 6.YOGA HELPS REDUCE SUGAR CRAVINGS- Usually you crave for sugar when you are depressed or toxins are present in the body or deprived of adequate sleep and luckily practice yoga on the regular basis helps in all these reasons and fix the problem to the root. 7.INCREASE LEPTIN LEVEL- Yogic shows increased leptin level as compared to people who do other form of exercises. Leptin is a hormone that controls hunger and satiety and help you make better food choices. 8.SOUND SLEEP- It is observed that practicing yoga on the regular basis can elevate melatonin levels significantly, thereby improving sleep quality. Melatonin is a hormone, which regulates the body’s sleep cycle, is mostly associated with a better quality of sleep. By the way it is seen that people who do yoga regularly for five or more years gain less weight as compared to their counterparts. In short we can say weight loss with yoga is sustainable. You improve your awareness, your metabolism, your flexibility, your muscle mass, your balance and tones bones and joints with regular practice of yoga. The effectiveness of yoga for weight loss is all about releasing your stress and that helps you become happier person and you become more able to cope things in your life with a positive attitude.

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