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During the winter months, we get less sunlight, less exercise and shorter days; due to this many people feel low and sometimes experience a mild form of depression and start to crave sugary foods. Sweet foods spike the blood sugar level which raises the insulin level. When this happens, the amino acid tryptophan travels up to the brain, where it is converted to serotonin, a hormone that makes us feel happy. But while you are on the track of losing weight, it is hard to include any sweet and dessert in your diet plan.

But I will give you three deserts with only three ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth in winter, which you can also include in your weight loss plan once in a while. These recipes are easy to make and are very nutritious, healthy and most importantly it will give you the feeling of satisfaction. DATES BALLS Ingredients: Pitted dates Crushed dry roasted almonds Cocoa powder Method:

Put pitted dates in blender .Take out from the blender and add crushed almonds . Now roll in cocoa powder. Dates balls are ready .you can keep in mason jar for 1-2 months. KEY INGREDIENTS Dates are rich in fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins that make our body warm during winter season. Almonds regulate the blood sugar level, reduce cholesterol and almond can boost your overall immunity while keeping you warm. Dark unsweetened cocoa powder has the most serotonin which directly linked to good mood and cocoa helps to regulate energy use and metabolism while also increase the feeling of fullness which also directly linked to weight loss.

JAGGERY SQUARES Ingredients: 1/2 kg Jaggery 250 grams walnuts Mix of spices (ginger powder, carrom seeds)

Method: Put little ghee in flat vessel roast walnuts for 1-2 minutes and take out. Now add jaggery pieces and spice mix and let it melt. Stir it for 4-5 minutes and add walnuts. Put the gas off and take out the mixture on parched tray. Let it cool for sometime and cut the squares out of it . KEY INGREDIENTS: Jaggery helps to dilate blood vessels and produces warmth in the body. Walnuts are high in omega -3’s which can fight mild seasonal depression. Spice mix improves digestion and combination of jaggery and spices is great body cleanser also.

CARROT MILK Ingredients 2 Grated carrots 1 cup Toned milk 2 Figs Method: Soak figs in little milk for 1-2 hours and keep it aside. Now put grated carrots in pressure cooker and cook it for 2 minutes. After that blend the fig milk. Add in steamed carrots along with remaining milk. Finally give it 2-3 boils and it is ready. KEY INGREDIENTS: The biggest need in winter is to build immunity One of the dry fruit is figs which are not only very tasty but also provide you with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibers and oils vital for excellent health. Moreover milk makes us happy because of presence of tryptophan.

I hope you like these desserts and you can incorporate them in your winter weight loss to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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