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“Weight loss isn’t just about dieting, it is about making healthier choices that include long term changes in your food choices, your eating pattern, your outlook towards life and your state of mind.”

A ‘holistic approach’ to weight loss focuses on a person’s overall wellness and not just their specific condition. For example if somebody wants to lose weight, they must focus on the health of their entire body and mind and not just on the number of kilos on a weighing scale. That’s why it is very important to balance your body, mind and soul to reach the desired goal.

Physical body is very important so eating whole foods, proper sleep, daily exercise and sunlight are considered crucial for a healthy and fit body.

Emotional and mental health are as important as physical health. Negative thoughts and stress can have an adverse effect on the body and stop you from choosing the right and whole foods when you feel hungry, for example meditation can help binge eaters by noticing when they are actually hungry and when they are full.

Following a holistic approach may offer major health benefits like disease prevention, calm mind and contentment. For the desired results you must distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

  1. Physical hunger can be satisfied by any kind of food but emotional hunger craves for only junk and sweets.

  2. Physical hunger is based in the stomach but emotional hunger resides in the mind and it can come just after eating a full meal.

  3. Once you are full you can stop eating without feeling any guilt in real hunger but you will overeat and feel bloated but you don’t get the feeling of satiety and leaves you with the feeling of guilt.

  4. Real hunger comes gradually but emotional hunger comes suddenly and craves for specific food.

Now once you are able to distinguish between the type of hunger you can work upon the root cause of not losing the weight. First step is the need to focus on some points

  1. DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES- Eat whole food instead of any meal replacement drinks because when you don’t use your teeth to chew, your mind doesn’t give you the signal of satiety. Similarly eat the whole fruit instead of juicing them because fruit juice is pure natural sugar along with some vitamins and minerals but no fibre so it does not need time for digestion it directly go into the blood stream and can make you gain weight.

  2. DRINK WATER BEFORE MEALS-Make it a compulsory rule to drink water before your meal rather then taking it after the meal because when you drink water before the meal your stomach juices gets activated and digest the meal properly. By the way if you take water after the meal you may feel bloated and you may suffer with the indigestion.

  3. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF- The most important point while you are losing weight not to starve yourself because if you starve you crave more and eventually you end up gaining weight.

While taking holistic approach you can include some natural supplements and herbs into your daily routine

  1. METHIDAANA OR FENUGREEK SEEDS- You can roast it and make its powder and have it empty stomach in the morning with the water or you can soak them overnight and drink water and chew its seeds first thing in the morning. Fenugreek is good for digestion, maintains good blood sugar level, reduces cholesterol in the blood hence helps in weight loss.

  2. GINGER - Ginger can be taken as tea or in dry powdered form with water or you can simply add while cooking food. Ginger has enormous benefits on the body. It can help treat chronic indigestion which could be a reason of not losing weight and it may help with osteoarthritis, may lower blood sugar levels and may improve heart disease risk factors.

  3. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR-It may help suppress appetite, promote loss of belly fat and reduce blood sugar as well.

  4. TRIPHALA- It helps eliminate toxins from the body & rejuvenate the digestive system. Triphala is an ancient preparation made using three dry fruits including amalki, haritaki and bibhitaki. All these three are good for cleansing and detoxification.

With above mentioned tips and supplements, any kind of exercise plays a vital role.

But if we are talking about holistic approach I’ll recommend yoga, because yoga postures help in breaking up the fatty deposits and strengthening the flabby areas.

Yoga asanas work on the glands which releases balanced hormones, boost circulation, strengthen many weak areas and encourage deep breathing which further can give you calm and relaxed mind, Consequently you become more focused and more aware.

Stress has a significant impact on the body’s ability to lose weight, So find ways to get into your zone of peace and calm. This might mean connecting with nature, interacting with friends, going for walk, meditating, creating art etc. These activities put your mind into ease.

Some other holistic measures are you can go for massages, sauna baths and steam baths.

They also help in reducing weight.

In a nutshell, holistic approach of losing weight and being healthy should not be painful, but instead should be a journey of finding ways to move your body, healthier food choices and support your emotional and mental health that are fun.

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